Reasons To Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer

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Reasons To Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer

26 October 2020
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Facing a drunk driving charge? DUI laws can vary by state, but in most states, a first-time conviction for drunk driving is considered a misdemeanor, which will remain on a person's record and can escalate to a felony. The best course of action when you're facing DUI charges is to hire an attorney that works with DUI cases to handle your defense. 

Here are a few important reasons to let a DUI lawyer defend you.

Increase the chances of getting your DUI charge dismissed. 

Whether it is regarded as a misdemeanor or a felony, being convicted for drunk driving is no joke. It can have serious implications for your car insurance premiums, your status as a driver, and even your freedom – in the event that you're sent to jail. 

The law is complicated. If DUI law isn't your forte, hiring a lawyer who is familiar with the DUI laws in your area can help get you off the hook completely. They will access and challenge all the documents, witnesses, and experts that will be presented against you in court. They will also find witnesses and experts that can help you build a strong case. 

A DUI lawyer's ultimate goal is to get your DUI charge dismissed. This way, you can avoid the undesirable legal consequences associated with a guilty verdict. This most likely isn't something you'd be able to achieve on your own.

A DUI lawyer can save or make you money.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, legal fees for a DUI attorney can add up quickly. However, lawyer fees often pay for themselves by reducing or doing away with the charges presented against you completely.

For example, if someone got injured due to a car accident that wasn't caused by your intoxicated driving, a DUI lawyer can help you get personal injury claims filed by them dismissed. This way, they may end up saving you lots of dollars over the long term. If you sustained some injury because of the other driver's fault, a DUI attorney can prove fault on the part of that party and get you paid.

While there are circumstances when you may not need the help of a lawyer to handle your particular legal problem, it's generally best to hire one whenever you're dealing with any legal matter. No matter the stakes, hiring a drunk driving attorney can be beneficial to your case in a big way. Contact a DUI lawyer near you today to discuss your case and start building your defense strategy.

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