Auto Insurance And DUI Charges: What To Know

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Auto Insurance And DUI Charges: What To Know

22 March 2023
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When you hear that driving under the influence (DUI) charges can carry some major consequences, you might fail to understand how bad things can get. One frequently overlooked area of concern is your automobile insurance. To find out what could happen and how you can stop things from going too far, read on. 

What Could Happen?

If the auto insurance carrier learns of a DUI conviction, they may either raise your premium or cancel your policy. However, you can prevent those punitive actions by avoiding a DUI conviction. An arrest alone is not likely to cause any problems with your insurer, however. If you end up being convicted of DUI charges, the insurer may learn of it when they run a check during a policy renewal. Other actions that can trigger a check of your driving record include buying and insuring a new car, changing insurers, and more. 

License Suspensions

In many cases, the department of motor vehicles (DMV) won't wait for a DUI to be resolved and will suspend a driver after an arrest in some states. Since all drivers are required to be insured, the DMV may inform the insurer of your lack of a driver's license. That could cause your auto insurance to be canceled until you get a license. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer about a hardship license. This type of driver's license allows some drivers to drive to work and other places while the case is in progress. Once you have a license, apply for insurance coverage. However, you may be charged more for the premiums.

Stop the Insurance Problems

The best way to deal with auto insurance and a lot of other damaging issues is to avoid a conviction. It's not impossible to get your case dropped. Some DUI arrests are built on weak evidence and bad actions by law enforcement. For example:

  • The probable cause for the traffic stop does not exist.
  • The breathalyzer results are inaccurate because the instrument has not been calibrated as it should have. 
  • You are suffering from medical or mental conditions that caused a failure of the roadside sobriety tests.

It's vital to have a criminal defense lawyer help you get your charges dropped or reduced. For example, you might be able to have your DUI reduced to a public intoxication charge. That way, your auto insurance is not affected. To find out more, speak to a DUI lawyer right away.  

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