DUI Lawyer – Could He Get You A Restricted Driver's License?

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DUI Lawyer – Could He Get You A Restricted Driver's License?

29 September 2015
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When facing DUI charges, you may question whether you need to hire a DUI attorney to help you through the situation. The honest truth is yes – a DUI lawyer is a wise investment during this time. A lawyer could help to protect your ability to drive over the next several months, or even years.

Help With a Restricted Driver's License

It is possible that a lawyer could argue your case and file the documents to grant you a restricted driver's license. This license doesn't give you free reign to drive wherever, whenever you want, but it will give you the ability to drive to and from work, get the groceries you need and make trips to doctor appointments.

Ignition Interlock Device Requirement

If you are granted the restricted driver's license, the court will likely require you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. This device requires you to provide a breath sample before the car will start. It is a small hand-held unit that is wired into the starting system of the car. When you go to start the car, you will have to blow in, suck out and blow in once more to provide the sample. The device then calculates the amount of alcohol in your system and will either start or prevent the car from starting.

Alcohol Treatment Requirement

Another requirement for this particular type of license is alcohol treatment. In most DUI cases, the court requires alcohol treatment be completed whether you are getting a restricted license or not. It will be a requirement of your probation, and you will need to complete the program – whether outpatient or in.

DUI School

Prior to the restricted license being issued, you will likely need to attend DUI school. This is a class that is completed in multiple sessions. You will learn about alcoholism, how alcohol affects your ability to drive safely and be given the opportunity to talk with others going through the same situation and a counselor trained in handling those with alcoholic tendencies.

In order to get a restricted license, you will have to file applications, provide proof that you have completed everything listed above and any other requirements issued by the state, and have a lawyer working by your side. If you question if the lawyer is worth your money, ask yourself how valuable the ability to drive for the next several months or years is to you.

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