Proving Your Innocence In A Robbery Accusation

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Proving Your Innocence In A Robbery Accusation

21 October 2015
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Pleading guilty to an offense you did not commit just to avoid having to go through court processes can lead you to hefty fines and possible jail time. If you are being accused of robbing a neighbor's home, you will most likely want to do whatever necessary to prove you are not the one at fault so you can clear your name. Proving your innocence when you were nowhere near the crime scene may be done by using the following tips.

Depend On A Lawyer

Don't try to prove your innocence without a criminal defense lawyer to back you up. They will be able to help you find loopholes in your neighbor's claim and use these to your advantage in proving you could not have been the one who had committed the robbery. Without a lawyer, you will be sitting on the stand without someone being there to stop inappropriate questions or badgering from your neighbor's attorney.

Gather Evidence

If you had been in a different town, a public establishment, or even a private dwelling, you may be able to prove you were not around at the time of the robbery. Gather receipts, telephone transaction information including text messages, WiFi log-on information, ATM transaction receipts and GPS map printouts from your vehicle. These documents can show you were doing something else at the time the robbery had occurred.

Look For Witnesses

If you were out walking your dog at the time of the robbery, see if anyone had seen you while on your route. If you were in a public place, there is bound to be someone who will recognize your face as having been in the establishment. Stop in and see if anyone looks familiar and ask them to write a report stating you were in the establishment at the time of the robbery. If you stopped for gas, a bite to eat, or to pay a toll, one of the workers you had dealt with may recognize you as well.

Get Video Proof

If you were not on your neighbor's property, there may be photographic or video proof that you were elsewhere when their home was robbed. Ask stores you may have frequented if they have surveillance video that would prove your innocence. Some roadways have traffic cameras at stop lights or intersections. The town will need to check for footage if you had said you drove your vehicle through at the time of the incident.

If you took pictures with your phone, there should be date and time stamps showing when the photos were taken. If anyone else took a photo of you at the time of the incident, have them copy the photo to a hard drive to give to your lawyer as evidence.

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