Facing A False Allegation Of Sexual Assault? Follow These Two Tips

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Facing A False Allegation Of Sexual Assault? Follow These Two Tips

13 October 2021
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It is a terrible life-changing experience to be a victim of sexual assault, but many people don't realize that it can be just as terrible to be falsely accused of sexual assault. It can ruin your life in ways that are hard to recover from because everyone typically only thinks of the initial accusation. People can lose their job, lose their standing in their community, and lose respect from friends and family members by being falsely accused. Here are some tips for how to deal with a false allegation the right way. 

Keep Quiet About The Allegation

The gut reaction when falsely accused of anything is to say that you didn't do it and offer an explanation. It's crucial that you do not speak up about the allegation since you could only make the problem worse. Keep in mind that anything you say can be used against you in court, either in public or private. You may not expect your words to be twisted around, but they can be used against you. That's why you are better off saying nothing and letting your lawyer handle the speaking for you. 

Know that an apology can be considered a form of admission of guilt. You may want to apologize to your accuser about what they are going through, but know that apology means that you are guilty of doing something. If it is a false allegation, then you should have no reason to apologize. A good rule is to assume that anything you say is going to be used against you at some point. Assume that someone is recording your conversation and waiting for that apology to come out because it is going to help their case and be used against you. 

Hire A Lawyer That Specializes In Sex Crimes

When looking for a lawyer to help defend you against this accusation, you'll want to find someone that specializes in sex crimes. The fact that you are using a sex crime lawyer will not add to your guilt, but give you the best chance of being proven innocent. They are going to have the experience with things such as working with expert witnesses that can provide testimony, or knowing if you should testify in your own case. A sex crime lawyer can also provide practice cross examination if you were to testify, since they understand the line of questioning you'll be given. If you hire a lawyer that is a friend or family member, they may not have the expertise needed to clear your name. 

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