How Professional Legal Representation Can Help You Fight Charges For Operating While Intoxicated

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How Professional Legal Representation Can Help You Fight Charges For Operating While Intoxicated

16 May 2022
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Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is a serious criminal offense that can lead to severe consequences, even if you are a first-time offender. For this reason, you may want to do anything legal to secure your freedom and clear your name. Your first step in fighting the allegations is contracting an experienced OWI attorney immediately after your accident. They will start by evaluating your case to know whether there are any loopholes they can use to get you a lenient judgment. Your lawyer will then take the following measures to help you fight your OWI charges.

They Could Investigate Your Arrest to Know How to Defend You

The police have the right to arrest any motorists who get behind the wheel while intoxicated. However, their arrest must be within the law, ensuring that they don't violate your rights. Your lawyer will want to ensure that the arresting officers follow the law when taking you in. Therefore, they will thoroughly investigate your arrest to know how to protect your rights. They will determine whether you have already taken the sobriety tests and the results. Your attorney will ask you whether the police harassed or compelled you to do something that goes against the constitution. They will then challenge any illegalities the police may have committed.

They Will Fight for You to Prevent You From Facing Severe Penalty

Your lawyer understands the impact of a conviction on your life and your family members. Therefore, they will do their best to fight for you, protecting you from facing severe penalties even if you are a habitual offender. Your attorney will want to know the grounds of your case to determine whether there is a possibility of having your charges dropped. If not, they will advise you to plead not guilty, allowing you to fight your allegations to clear your name. Your legal advisor will then fight for you in court, ensuring that you don't get the maximum sentence.

They Will Prepare a Strong Defense for Your Specific Case

OWI charges vary depending on the severity of the crime. An experienced lawyer will prepare a strong defense for your specific case, ensuring you get the best possible outcome in your case. For example, being arrested for OWI with a minor in your car or injuring someone before your arrest can get more severe penalties. Therefore, your lawyer will raise the best arguments for you in your specific situation, helping you to get a lesser fine or community service instead of a jail sentence.

Being charged for OWI can have severe consequences on your personal life and career. Therefore, you may want to fight the allegations as soon as you are arrested. Contacting a professional OWI lawyer will put you in a better position to avoid facing severe consequences. They will take the measures above and any other steps that will enable you to fight the charge, clearing your name.  

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