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DUI Lawyer – Could He Get You A Restricted Driver’s License?

29 September 2015
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When facing DUI charges, you may question whether you need to hire a DUI attorney to help you through the situation. The honest truth is yes – a DUI lawyer is a wise investment during this time. A lawyer could help to protect your ability to drive over the next several months, or even years. Help With a Restricted Driver's License It is possible that a lawyer could argue your case and file the documents to grant you a restricted driver's license. Read More …

3 Common Questions About Arrest Procedures And Your Rights

28 September 2015
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If you've been arrested, you may have a few questions regarding the process, especially if you believe your arrest to be illegal. Below are the answers to three common questions regarding arrest. If I Wasn't Informed of My Rights, is My Arrest Invalid? The reading of the Miranda rights is an important part of the questioning process. If the arresting officer failed to inform you of your rights, however, does this make your arrest invalid? Read More …

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