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How Relocation Can Affect Your Estate Plan And What To Do About It

26 December 2019
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A major relocation can fill you with excitement and optimism, but it can also present you with some not-so-pleasant estate planning challenges. Whether you're settling in another country, moving across state lines, or simply transferring your residence to another town, this change may require you to go back and look at your estate documentation, assets, and decisions. Here are some of the problems that may pop up as you're planning your move, along with some ways that your estates and trusts attorney can help resolve them. Read More …

How To Deal With Domestic Violence Allegations

12 October 2019
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Few accusations may come as a shock as much as a domestic violence claim. If you've been accused of violence involving a family member or a romantic partner, it's a good idea to learn the basics of how to respond to the situation. Follow these tips to give yourself a chance to mount a reasonable defense. Charges vs. Allegations The first question a domestic violence attorney is going to have regarding any case is whether charges have been filed by the police or a prosecutor's office. Read More …

What Are Process Crimes, And How Can You Avoid Them?

28 June 2019
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The idea that you might end up being convicted of a crime while otherwise successfully defending yourself against allegations of wrongdoing can feel a bit twisted. How is that even possible, you may wonder? At the core of this problem is what is known as a process crime. Such offenses are committed against the administration of justice itself, such as providing false statements to the police, failing to appear for hearings, or fleeing the police. Read More …

Protecting Yourself During A High Asset Divorce

22 March 2019
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A divorce always presents an opportunity to incur financial losses, but the more assets you and your spouse share, the more important it becomes to protect yourself. This is no time to allow your emotions about the break-up to distract you from taking measures that ensure you will end up with your fair share after all is said and done. Read on for some tips on making sure that your financial situation doesn't take a hit as a result of the divorce. Read More …

Tough Love For A Tough Kid: How To Help Your Adult Child Out Of A Cycle Of Crime

26 November 2018
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All too often, criminal conduct becomes a habit, either because a person doesn't know any other way to live or they feel there is no other recourse for themselves due to being labeled a criminal. When it's your adult child stuck in this vicious cycle, your life can be a nightmare, facing one arrest after another. You can be tough and you can make a difference in your adult child's life, but it won't be easy and you can't do it by yourself. Read More …

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