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How The Reason You Were Pulled Over May Help Your DUI Case

29 November 2016
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Police officers are hired by the city and state to monitor drivers, roads, and traffic laws, and one of the main things they do is pull people over when they see drivers break the law. If you were pulled over and charged with a DUI, there is a chance you might be able to get out of the charges simply by focusing on the reason the police officer pulled you over. Read More …

How Does a DUI Affect Insurance Rates?

29 September 2016
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If you're looking at a potential DUI and license suspension, there are many repercussions that you may face. One of the big ones is changing rates for auto insurance. Here is what you need to know about DUIs and insurance rates.  Will My Insurance Rates Go Up? Your insurance rates will almost certainly go up after a DUI charge or a suspended license. Driving under the influence presents a huge risk that you may run into another car, so the insurance company may see you as a riskier driver even if your drunk driving didn't result in a collision. Read More …

3 Common Punishments For DUI Convictions

16 August 2016
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Being convicted of a DUI is a big deal, especially if it is not your first time. There are numerous types of convictions which can befall you if you wind up being convicted. Read on and discover what sort of punishments tend to be commonplace for those convicted of driving under the influence. If you have been charged with a DUI, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a local and trusted DUI specialist attorney to represent you in a court of law. Read More …

How A Teenager Charged With Murder Can Avoid A Life Sentence

21 July 2016
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Most teenagers think in terms of "right now" and forget about the consequences. It only takes making one bad decision that changes the complete direction of your life. For these reasons, a good kid can end up committing murder. A first degree murder charge is an automatic life sentence. In 2012 the Supreme Court banned the use of mandatory life without parole sentences for juveniles. However, it is not completely banned from all states. Read More …

Don’t Be Too Quick On The Draw: Using Deadly Force At The Wrong Time Can Lead To Legal Woes

14 April 2016
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What's the use of a concealed carry permit if you can't fire on a few shoplifters while defending your favorite shopping spot, right? Wrong. A Michigan womannamed Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez found out the hard way that her license to carry a gun didn't give her a license to use it just because a crime was happening in front of her. In this case, no one was in any physical dangerduring the crime—until Tatiana took out her gun. Read More …

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